In the heart of the Swiss watch-making region, with a lot of snow in the winter, almost all professional watchmakers personally know each other. Many years ago, small associations were created to exchange the secrets and ideas among the watch world professionals. These associations are kept secret, discreet, and extremely closed.

We are designers, watchmakers, artisans, dial makers, gravers, guillocheurs, box makers, strap makers, and many other "invisible" experts having only one goal: Perfection.

The major names in the watch industry are silently using these skills to produce the most beautiful marvels in the world of watches. We are extremely confident and very discreet about our craft.

One watch enthusiast, AK, approached this community after many years of effort and was convinced to participate on non-profit projects having a goal to produce a very small number of highly personalized timepieces. The challenge is large, because to produce very high quality timepieces in extremely low series is very difficult and time-consuming.

The culmination of those efforts is ABA Watches.

ABA Watches has a very close connection with the ancient associations of watchmakers, and has as primary goal the production of the perfect timepieces for watch aficionados.

Every day of the year, a few people make one of the most important purchases of their personal lives. They buy a fine Swiss timepiece. By doing so, they establish not only a partnership between them and the manufacturer, but they also establish a persona portrayed to the world community, at large.

We can all agree that a fine Swiss watch is something to be very proud of owning. However, we all must also agree that the normal fine Swiss watch is not a unique piece of art. And just as each individual is "unique", the true connoisseur of fine timepieces actually yearns for a watch as unique as himself. This is where ABA Watches fills the void.

Unlike other Swiss watchmakers, ABA Watches prides itself in producting only one-of-a-kind, truly unique watches and timepieces. By doing so, not just a partnership is entered into between the purchaser and us, but a relationship, a kindred spirit is fostered. That is what sets ABA Watches apart from all others.

This attitude toward unique craftsmanship is also what guides ABA Watches when a commercial enterprise finds the need to produce a very limited-edition watch for special promotional purposes.

ABA Watches is the only Swiss watch company founded with these principles and ideals in mind. We understand you, and we appreciate you for who you are. And, in turn, you appreciate our craftsmanship even more. That is the relationship we build together.

Each person is unique, and we never forget that fact.

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