Ahhh, Monsieur Marchant. If ever there was a man, who epitomizes the zenith of the Swiss watchmaking world and tradition, it is he.

Having had his own small watchmaking shop since 1932 says everything one needs to know. Just as Ali Baba, of Arabian Nights, is known for discovering his own secret formula with "Open Sesame", which, in turn, opened a secret cave, Monsieur Marchant is at the forefront of all that is good and admired in the world of fine Swiss watchmaking.

It is a personal honor of mine, that I have become a good acquaintance of his and to be accepted by him into this wonderful world of fine timepieces. And like a true craftsman, he has blessed me by imparting much of his knowledge to me. In such a way, tradition not only stays alive but flourishes into the future.

Therein lies the foundation of ABA Watches.

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